Computer freezes and interuptions…yea

I sat down at 1 pm to write and found that the computer had frozen while it was closed, thank god I’d remembered to save my last bits last night before closing the lovely silver lid. whew…all that work was saved…I would be very upset if it hadn’t. Been cussing and cry at the same time cause when I get into the groove of writing I forget what I’ve written until I go back to read it. It’s like my hands are possessed and they just go on their own. I’m also one of those who look at the keyboard to type, I’m not talented enough to type and read at the same time. But anyway, I think I got most of the beginning fixed and it is sounding much better then it did. It’s got spunk to it, more detail and some things taken out cause they didn’t sound right in those spots. Things us writers do to make their work perfect.

It’ll never be perfect. Never.

I’ll always find something to add or to delete. If I could just leave it alone and submit the damn thing I wouldn’t have to stress over it so much. But as I was writing again, (after restarting the computer of course) I went to the kitchen after an hour to grab a bite to eat and got hit in the face with the most god awful stench coming from the sink, needless to say, I had to wash the dishes cause no on else will do it. (that’s right my room mate is lazy and it pisses me off, it’s not her mess so why should she have to clean it, ah cause we all live here? Duh?) So that took up another hours worth of my time. Then grabbing a sandwich and coming back in here. My daughter decided that she wants to chat while I’m trying to work, (it‘s hard for me to type and talk at the same time) another 30 mins gone and still no writing has continued. After she goes to work, I get a call from a close friend who I haven’t spoke to in a few years and another hour has gone by. (which that one I didn’t mind one bit, I missed her) So back to writing, which I can’t do, due to the computer freezing on me again! God I need a better computer, one with more memory that I don’t have to worry about it freezing, *growls*. That is a nice dream as well…*sighs*

So I spend the next 2 hours deleting old programs that I don’t use anymore, old games and some old photos that I have no use for, duplicates of them aren’t needed. So again it’s now 5:45p and of course I am hungry once again, at least I don’t have to wash dishes or sanitize the counters to make another sandwich. I don’t eat much and I’ve given up trying to make a different meal everyday, only cause I don’t live with my mom anymore and I don’t have the funds to buy what is needed to cook them. She helped with that so I would do all the cooking. nice huh?

Oh, I did do a search today for publishers and as I knew it. I couldn’t find squat. I really suck at searches. I have no idea who is the best and what they really want. Wait, there were two people I did find and both say they don’t take what I write (I read the submission section). If it has fowl language in it, it’s a no go, but here’s the thing. She only cusses at the beginning and stops as the book goes along. So it’s not full of cuss words. Just at the beginning, just the common one’s like damn, shit and ass. Come on don’t be that picky about a few of them. She has to be herself until she realizes that these people don’t cuss. Then she stops as well. Someone give me a chance here, it’s a good book. It’s got a great plot line and tons of good humor. Take a chance on me. (Wow Abba flashed in my head…lol)

So after I finish this entry and restart my computer once again, I will be getting back to writing. Yes I will be at it again and maybe I will get more done tonight if I’m not interrupted with something else…I need a sign that say do not enter, brain at work…lol

Damn, I just remembered that I work tomorrow at 10a…blah. More stress added to my already stressful life. I hate my job…*sighs* I’m still going to write though, I don’t sleep good at night anyway. Might as well take the time and do some work.

Come back soon! Take care and be safe!


About Taria Lorehand

I'm a writer, an artist and a nice person. Just don't push my buttons.
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