My Goal

This is the journey of an un-published author.

I am set and determined to get my book published and I will devote a whole year to trying to make it happen. My ups, my downs, my sadness and my happiness.

Your all invited on this journey that I will undertake and see where it takes me. If I become published, or do I put the book away and never try again. Because that is what I plan to do. If I don’t get published within a year, then it’s not worth even trying. The book is put away and forgotten and it just means that I was never destined to be a published author. I was destined to work where I am for the rest of my life where I will stay and allow it to slowly suck the life out of me.

Where to start is another thing, who to talk to, Where to go and what steps do I need to take.

Wow, this is going to be harder then I thought.


About Taria Lorehand

I'm a writer, an artist and a nice person. Just don't push my buttons.
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