Long day

Working really wears me out big time. I really dread going to work most days now. it’s like it’s not fun for me anymore, not like it used to be.

Sadly I have to look forward to is coming home and sitting down to write, knowing the maybe if I’m lucky I will get a few pages done before the weakness of sleep covers over me like a warm blanket and all I want to do is crawl into bed and toss and turn all night. Cause that’s what happens. I fall asleep sitting here , head almost hitting the keyboard but then as soon as I lay down covered comfortably in my bed. I’m wide awake. Staring into the darkness, trying to see if I can make anything out. but normally I can’t cause my room is super dark. I like it that way. But I can hear the fan spinning feel the cool wind trying to force its way over my blankets that are covering my head by this time. And try to sleep, but with so many thoughts running through my brain it’s no wonder I can’t even fall to sleep. Flashes of the day, ideas for my book, how I’m going to put them in and where. It’s endless and I might get 2 hours of sleep if I’m lucky.

2 hours are better than nothing I guess and if I’m super lucky I will remember everything I thought about before I fell to sleep. the things that would make the book sound better. like last night, I thought of a better way for my main character to expect the quest. Now it’s the matter of getting it into the book. and where. maybe after the challenge and before she goes out on the balcony to see the lighted beatles in the tree…yeah that should be where it’s at. Now to go off and do it.

The last 3 days I have been writing like a fend, so that’s good, trying to make all these revisions and get this sounding really good. But it’s okay, I will get it done soon. I haven’t heard anything back from the first publishing company yet and they said it would be a couple of days and well it’s been a couple of days. and nothing. So I’m wondering the bad and not the good here. 😦

take care and be safe.


About Taria Lorehand

I'm a writer, an artist and a nice person. Just don't push my buttons.
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